Megan’s work on The Power Report has given her unique insight into what today’s consumers really want and expect from the customer journey. Managing and resolving issues between consumers and industry over six years (including telecoms, insurance, motor, retail and banking) and working daily to interpret and apply the fairly new Consumer Protection Act has equipped her with the necessary skills to navigate the quagmire that is often SA corporate’s customer service environment.

Megan now offers businesses entire customer journey auditing, identifying how an organisation interacts, engages and serves customers across multiple channels and touchpoints. She does this from the viewpoint of an ordinary consumer, navigating the journey through the eyes of the customer, not the business.

Power LAB’s audits examine and analyse the end-to-end customer experience – call centre, website, social media, apps, emailers, brochures – using a non-negotiable customer-first approach. In addition, the company offers full website and social media audits, paying particular attention to engagement, usefulness, response times, functionality and personalisation. It also runs content (print and online) audits focusing on relevance, accuracy, value-add and plain language.

Findings, along with recommendations, are presented in person and/or delivered in a written report.