What We Do

Customer Experience

It’s a cliché but it fits: a customer may not always be right but they’re always the customer. We become that customer, taking the journey through your business and its touchpoints. When we’re done, we’ll let you know if we’re coming back.

Strategic Communications

It’s about saying the right thing, to the right people, at the right time. Using the right channels. Sounds simple, never is.

Reputation Management

Doing the right thing – and to be seen to be doing it – has never been more important. We’ll help you build, maintain and, where necessary, recover your reputation.

Crisis Readiness & Management

It’s not a case of “if” a crisis hits; but “when”. We’ll work with you to anticipate issues and crises before they happen. And when they hit, we’ll help you manage them.

Media & Spokesperson Training

When you’ve spent three decades dealing with hundreds of spokespeople from government to gaming, and banking to beer, there’re a few golden rules. We’ll share them and more.

Social Media Training

In a world where interns are responsible for Facebook pages, and techies left to manage Twitter accounts, you need some “grown ups” to guide them on the do’s and don’ts. It could be all that stands between your company and a social media meltdown.

CEO Positioning & Profile Building

In an increasingly connected world, keeping a low profile is no longer an option for business leaders. Smart positioning, where you become part of the important conversations of the day, either traditionally or digitally, is our priority.

PR & Media Relations

We don’t churn out dull press releases or irritate journalists with “follow up” calls. We use more than 30 years in media to hone in on the right specialists with the right message. It’s not about how many people saw your picture in the paper, or liked your Facebook post, but how many you won over.